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The Romeike Family has 7 children from parents Uwe and Hannelore Romeike. The Family is originally from Bissingen, district of Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany and were the subject of a civil case for Asylum in the U.S.


Uwe Romeike

Hannelore Romeike - December 3[1]

Anniversary: August 2, 1996[2]

Name Date of Birth Notes
1 Daniel Romeike 1997[3] Dating Hannah Pressley[4]
2 Lydia Romeike April 10, 1998[5]
3 Joshua Romeike 2000/2001[6]
4 Christian Romeike Feb 5, 2002/2003[7][8]
5 Damaris Romeike July 6, 2005[9]
6 Sarah Romeike August 18, 2011[10] Born in the U.S.
7 Rebecca Romeike 2015/2016[11] Born in the U.S.

Civil Case

In August 2008 the Romeike Family left Germany, to come to America because they were being persecuted for homeschooling their children. In Germany it is required that almost all children must attend a government sanctioned school (Private, Christian, Jewish, Public, Etc). The Romeike's wanted to homeschool their children due to their Evangelical christian faith and we're facing fines, forcible removal of their children and possible imprisonment due to this.[12] They came to America and seemed asylum for religious freedom. Originally they were facing deportation in the U.S. upon the Supreme Courts ruling not to hear the Case, but have since appealed that ruling and have been given and indefinite deferred status.[13] This was also made complicated by the fact that their two youngest children are American Citizens by Birth.