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The Nakatsu Family has two children and one grandchild from parents Kory Nakatsu and his first wife, Kimberly Flanigan. The family consists of Kory and his second wife, Kerry Sheppard, as well as the children. They routinely make trips to Big Sandy[1] and are friends with many well known fundie families, such as the Bateses, the Duggars, the Wallers, the Burnetts.


Kory Raymond Nakatsu (father) - born May 31, 1966[2]

Kimberly Flanigan (mother) - born June 26, 1968[3][4]

Kerry Anne Sheppard (stepmother) - born May 26, 1968[5]

Anniversary (of Kory and Kerry): August 1, 2009[6]

Name Date of Birth Notes
1 Katelyn Koryn Duggar July 29, 1998[7] Married to Jedidiah Duggar with one child
2 Lauren Elizabeth Nakatsu Dec 16, 2002[8]

It is unclear exactly when Kim and Kory divorced. Presumably they separated in 2005. Although the family blog started in October 2004, she has never appeared on it. Instead, it seems to be a blog about a single dad navigating his life with his two daughters. Kim is mentioned as being Kory's wife in his step mother's obituary on December 29th, 2004.[9] However in his mother’s obituary in July 2011, Kory and the girls are mentioned alone, despite Kory having remarried in 2009.[10]

Katelyn's Family

Katelyn and Jedidiah with their son Truett

Jedidiah Robert Duggar - born December 30, 1998

Anniversary: April 3, 2021

Name Date of Birth Notes
1 Truett Oliver Duggar May 2, 2022[11]

The wedding was live-streamed via youtube.