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Judson Wyatt Bates is the eighteenth of Gil and Kelly Bates' nineteen children.

Early Life

Judson as a baby

Judson Wyatt Bates was born on September 15, 2010, to Gil Bates and Kelly Jo Callaham. He was the couple's eighteenth child, and they went on to have one more child after him. He was named for Judson Van Deventer, who wrote the hymn "I Surrender All".

Judson is currently homeschooled. He is being brought up as an active participant of the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

Judson is said to be a very calm and sweet child.[1]


Television Career

Judson appeared on the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting many times as a child. In 2012, TLC aired one season of the show United Bates of America, which focused on Judson's family. In 2015, UpTV began airing a similar show, Bringing Up Bates, which is currently in its sixth season. Judson is regularly featured in both shows.

Wedding Involvement

Judson has been involved in the following weddings:

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