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Josh, smirking in his mugshot

Josh after his arrest in 2021

Throughout his life, Josh has been involved, directly or indirectly, with several scandals. While some of these scandals may seem mundane on their own, they show a pattern of lies and deceit. This page is a comprehensive chronology of all the scandals, plus major events in Josh’s life, as they, too, are heavily intertwined. Please note that some of Josh’s scandals involve very sensitive information and may be triggering to some readers, specifically the Molestation Scandal, the Ashley Madison Scandal, and the Federal Arrest Scandal. We have compiled a list of Support Resources globally for those in need of help or are affected by the ongoing cases.



Duggar family in 2002

Jim Bob notified police that Josh had touched a female minor's genitals and breasts (Molestation)



? - Josh accused by multiple female minors of touching their genitals (Molestation - MS)

17 - Josh started attending the Christian program of hard physical work and counselling (MS)

30 - Josh, Jim Bob and Michelle meet with The Holts for advice (MS)


17 - Josh finished the Christian program (MS)

? - Josh 'apologised to victims', and was taken to speak to Arkansas State Trooper Joseph Hutchens (MS)

? - Joseph Hutchens failed to take further action and was later arrested and convicted of child pornography (MS)


? - Joe Smithson Facebook Account started posting (Ashley Madison - AM)


? - Josh stayed with the Holts and confessed further instances of sexual assualt


The Duggar family, all wearing red. Back row: Jana, Josh, Jill holding Jackson, John David. Middle row: Josiah, Jinger, Michelle holding Johannah, Jim Bob, Jessa, Joseph. Front row: Justin, James, Jason, Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Joy

The Duggar family in 2005


7 - Arkansas Dept of Human Services Hotline received two tips about the molestations, one from an anonymous caller, and the other from the studio responsible for Oprah Winfrey's show (MS)

7-8 - Duggars due to appear on Oprah Winfrey show, but this was cancelled after an anonymous tip-off (MS)

7-8 - Dept. of Human Services launched investigation into the accusations (MS)

7-8 - Police report made (MS)

? - Jim Bob refused to produce son for questioning, several lawyers declined taking on the case (MS)

12 - Police interview Jim Bob, Michelle, Josh, and multiple girls (MS)

20 - Statute of Limitations had passed, preventing further action (MS)



6 - Trial held - the results remain sealed (MS)



23 - Josh proposed to Anna


Josh and Anna lighting a candle on their wedding day, with John in the background

Josh and Anna's wedding

26 - Josh and Anna got married



3 - Anna's pregnancy with Mackynzie was announced


8 - Mackynzie was born



? - Anna's pregnancy with Michael was announced



15 - Michael was born



17 - Anna's pregnancy with Marcus was announced



Josh bringing home flowers for Anna to celebrate Valentine's Day in 2013, within days of creating his first Ashley Madison account

? - Josh created his first account with Ashley Madison (AM)


2 - Marcus was born

Josh working with the Family Research Council

14 - Family Research Council announced they hired Josh as Executive Director of Lobbying



? - Anna's pregnancy with Meredith was announced



20 - Josh and Anna bought the farm house (Money Moving Scandal - MMS)


? - Alleged sex with Danica Dillon (AM)

? - Danica sues Josh (AM)


19 - In Touch obtained the police report (MS)

21 - In Touch article released, statements released on the Duggar facebook page, and police report expunged at the request of a victim (MS)

21 - Josh formally resigned from his job with Family Research Council (MS)

22 - TLC issued a statement and removed all episodes of 19KAC from the air, and Mike Huckabee released a statement in support of the Duggars (MS)

Josh's OK Cupid account set up as "Joe Smithson"

24 - Josh and Anna shut down their official website, the preacher Ray Comfort tweeted in support (MS)

27 - Reported that Josh sued the Dept. of Human Services (DHS) 9 months after the 2006 investigation, DHS called at the Duggar house trying to see a minor that they were concerned about. (MS)

30 - Michelle announced that some of the family would be talking with Megyn Kelly (MS)

? - Josh ended his Ashley Madison subscriptions (AM)


3 - In Touch reported on the second police report, Megyn Kelly interview with Jim Bob and Michelle aired (MS)

Jessa and Jill sitting in front of the kitchen counter

Jessa and Jill being interviewed by Megyn Kelly

5 - Megyn Kelly interview with Jill and Jessa aired, Jill and Jessa outed themselves as victims (MS)

9 - Josh and family were spotted moving out of their home in Maryland (MS)

10 - Josh and Anna cancelled a public appearance, it was reported that the Duggars were under investigation by the DHS for refusing to cooperate on May 27. (MS)

11 - Moonlite Bunny Ranch banned Josh from their premises (MS)

12 - Arkansas police chief accused Duggars of slandering her, June Shannon (from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo) spoke against TLC for not cancelling 19KAC (MS)

16 - Josh and Anna broke social media silence to wish Michael a happy birthday (MS)

26 - Jill and Derick announced that they were moving overseas (MS)


15 - Impact Team announced they had hacked Avid Life (and therefore Ashley Madison) (AM)

16 - TLC announced 19KAC was cancelled, Jim Bob and Michelle released statement following the cancellation (MS)

16 - Meredith was born

19 - Meredith's birth was announced

20 - Ashley Madison statements released (AM)

Josh smiling over the bare shoulder of a woman (a photoshopped image)

21 - 2500 records published (AM)


19 - Amy released statement, and People magazine published 'Duggars now: Life after Scandal' article (MS)

19 - Gawker released article stating Josh had a paid account on Ashley Madison, Avid Life confirmed data was authentic (AM)

20 - Josh released a statement (AM)

21 - Josh's facebook account (Joe Smithson) was discovered (AM)

Josh's facebook page as Joe Smithson during the Ashley Madison Scandal

22 - Matthew McCarthy (DJ) spoke to TMZ after his photo was linked to the sex scandal (AM)

24 - John David flew to Rockford, Illinois (possibly to visit Reformers Unanimous?) (AM)

26 - Danica Dillon spoke out, Duggar family released statement advising that Josh had entered rehab (AM)


2 - Anonymous woman had a pregnancy scare after an encounter with Josh (AM)

30 - Anonymous porn star claimed to have had an experience similar to that of Danica Dillon (AM)


3 - SNL Sketch (AM)

The farm house Josh and Ann sold in 2019

14 - Report that Josh and Anna had sold their home (AM)


18 - Danica Dillon filed lawsuit (AM)


Anna's interview on Counting On

Anna in a talking head during the original Counting On specials in 2015

14 - Jill and Jessa Counting On - episode 1 (Jill and Jessa) (MS)

21 - Jill and Jessa Counting On - episode 2 (Anna) (MS)

28 - Jill and Jessa Counting On - episode 3 (Michelle) (MS)



5 - Danica Dillon dropped her lawsuit (AM)

23 - Anna released a statement (AM)


23 - TLC announced Counting On would be a regular show (MS)

? - ALB Investments purchased the property (Real Estate Scandal - RES)


10 - Duggars released statement advising that Josh had left rehab (AM)


Josh in a car on his newly opened car lot in May 2016

? - New used car lot opened (Car lot scandal part 1 - CS1)


5 - It was reported that Matthew McCarthy was suing Josh (AM)



17 - Anna's pregnancy with Mason was announced


? - Customer in a stolen car, stole another car from the car lot, and sold his pistol to one of the salespeople (CS1)


19 - Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy sued In Touch, Springdale AK and Washington County AK, for breach of privacy (MS)


6 - Josh joined his sisters' lawsuit (MS)


1 - Springdale officials asked the judge to throw out the lawsuit (MS)

10 - Washington County officials filed motion requesting that the charges against current and former employees be dismissed as they are immune under federal law (MS)

24 - Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy opposed the request for immunity (MS)


Josh's family shortly after Mason's birth

12 - Mason was born


? - Several notices issued regarding the incorrect zoning of the car lot (CS2)


? - The fire marshal issued his final 90 day notice (CS2)


1 - Washington County planning board and zoning board of adjustments met and discussed Josh's car lot (among other things) (CS2)



5 - Western Ridge Financial LLC was registered by Registered Agents Inc. (Money Moving Scandal - MMS)

15 - Farmhouse is listed for sale (MMS)


3 - Echols sued Edward Lewis and ALB investments (RES)

10 - ALB Investments notified of the lawsuit (RES)

24 - Soli Deo Gloria (SDG) LLC was registered (MMS)

Anna with Joy and Jill in May 2015

26 - Anna's pregnancy with Maryella was announced


11 - Hearing (Josh failed to comply with court's order) (RES)


14-16 - Josh knowingly received and possessed child pornography (Federal Arrest Scandal - FAS)

31 - Farmhouse was sold (MMS)


25 - Hearing (Josh failed to comply with court's order) (RES)

? - SDG bought house from Jim Bob (MMS)

? - SDG put house on the market, but it never sold (MMS)


3 - Hearing (Josh failed to comply with court's order) (RES)

12 - trial set for April 2020 (RES)

13 - Cambridge Arbor LLC was registered (MMS)


8 - Raid on Josh's business address (FAS)

12 - Hearing (Josh failed to comply with court's order) (RES)

Josh's family the day after Maryella was born

27 - Maryella was born


5 - Hearing (Josh failed to comply with court's order) (RES)

16 - Hearing where Josh failed to appear (RES)



23 - Petition to remove Josh's attorney from the case (RES)


11 - Josh's attorney, Story, disqualified from the case (RES)


11 - Glasgow Drive LLC, Ravenglass North LLC, and Ravenglass South LLC, all registered (MMS)

17 - Lexington Contractors LLC was registered (MMS)


10 - Josh failed to appear in court, was ordered to pay attorney's costs, and fees up to $5000 (RES)

30 - Judge issued ruling in Echols' favour (RES)

? - Google listed used car lot as permanently closed (CS1/CS2)



Josh's family after the pregnancy announcement for their seventh child

23 - Anna's pregnancy with her seventh child was announced

A blurry picture of Josh and a police officer after the arrest at booking in

Josh's arraignment

29 - Josh was arrested by Homeland Security (FAS)

30 - Arraignment trial - Josh pleaded not guilty (FAS)

30 - Jim Bob and Michelle, Jinger and Jeremy, Jill and Derick issues statements (FAS)


1- Jessa and Ben issue a statement (FAS)

5 - Bail hearing - Josh granted bail (FAS)

A sketch of Josh at his first court appearance before a federal judge. Artist: John Kushmaul

6 - Josh released on bail placed under the guardianship of family friends (FAS)

8 - Joy and Austin issue statement (FAS)


17 - Josh requests trial date to be pushed back to after February 2022 (FAS)

21 - US attorneys partially agree to push court date back, trial likely to be in October 2021 (FAS)

29 - TLC offically cancels Counting On

29 - Josh's trial date officially pushed back to November 30, 2021 (FAS)


3 - Jim Bob and Michelle release a statement regarding the cancellation of Counting On (FAS) (Statement)

~16 - Anna's brother David becomes engaged to Hannah, the daughter of Josh's guardians (FAS)

26 - Josh's lawyers filed for the prosecution to provide the defence with all police reports and evidence (FAS)


20 - Josh's lawyers filed motion to dismiss the case (FAS)


28 - Motion to dismiss the case was denied (FAS)


23 - Madyson was born


16 - Madyson's birth was announced

18 - Pre-trial hearing (FAS)

19 - Anna's brother David marries Hannah, the daughter of Josh's guardians (FAS)

29 - Pre-trial Evidentiary Hearing (FAS)

30 - Trial begins (Jury Selection) (FAS)


6 - Prosecution rests (FAS) (FAT)

7 - Defence rests (FAS) (FAT)

8 - Closing arguments (FAS) (FAT)

8 - Jury starts deliberating, recesses overnight. (FAS) (FAT)

9 - Jury returns (FAS) (FAT)

Josh's mugshot with the North West Arkansas logo in the bottom right corner, and the word GUILTY in red letters across the bottom



9 - Taken into custody (FAS) (FAT)



15 - Sentencing set for April 5 (FAS) (FAT)


24 - Sentencing date delayed to May 25 (FAS) (FAT)


11 - Sentencing recommendations submitted by defence and prosecution (FAS) (FAT)

25 - Josh sentenced to 12.5 years (FAS) (FAT)