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For a comprehensive timeline, please see Josh Duggar Scandal Chronology

Within two months of leaving “rehab”, in May 2016, Josh had opened yet another used car lot.[1] Unfortunately the car lot was not without its problems. In May 2017, there was an incident involving stolen cars and guns being purchased. In September 2018, The Washington County Fire Marshal issued a final 90 day notice for the car lot to comply with city ordinances before being shut down. In November 2019, the offices were raided by Homeland Security.


In April 2017, a potential customer came to the car lot in a Dodge Ram registered to Ohio looking to test drive a car.[2] According to the police report, a semi-automatic pistol, a Ruger 22, was seen on the passenger seat of the car. Instead of being alarmed, a salesperson offered to buy the pistol, giving the customer $70 for it.

The salesperson neglected to get any information from the customer, including a copy of his drivers’ license, despite this being a legal requirement for test driving a car. Still, the salesperson allowed the customer to test drive a Toyota MR2, which the customer promptly stole.

It was later learned that the Dodge Ram was also stolen and the pistol the salesperson purchased has been used in an aggravated assault earlier that day.


In 2018, Josh’s car lot was cited multiple times for not having proper permits and safety regulations in place. More about that can be found here.


Although the November 2019 raid was originally believed to be connected to either the Real Estate Scandal or the Money Moving Scandal, it was later revealed to actually be part of the Federal Arrest Scandal.

As of September 2020, google listed the business as permanently closed.