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Johannah Faith Duggar is the sixteenth of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's nineteen children.

Early Life

Johannah as a baby

Johannah Faith Duggar was born at 6:30am on October 11, 2005, to Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Ruark. Johannah weighed 7 lbs and 6.5 ounces.[1] She was the couple's sixteenth child, and they went on to have three more children after her. Her birth was filmed by a Discovery Health Channel camera crew, and was aired on the special Raising 16 Children on March 13, 2006.[2]

Johannah with brother Jackson

Johannah is a spirited child. She is often compared to her oldest sister, Jana. She has always been best friends with her brother Jackson, and the two are often seen playing together.

Johannah has been homeschooled her whole life.

Johannah working in the kitchen with sister Jennifer

Like most children, Johannah has chores, which the family calls "jurisdictions". It is unknown what jurisdictions Johannah has been assigned, but it is likely she has recently been given more responsibility around the house with four of her five older sisters having gotten married and moved out in the last few years.

By the time Johannah was born, his parents had implemented a buddy system, where each older child was paired with a younger child to take care of. Typical tasks for an older buddy included dressing, bathing, and feeding their younger buddies. By 2009, the family had switched from individual buddies to buddy teams, with each team being led by one of the oldest four daughters.[3] Johannah was on a buddy team with older siblings Jinger and Jedidiah.

Johannah with friends at an ATI homeschool conference

Johannah is being raised as an active participant of Bill Gothard's Institute for Basic Life Principles.

After the special which featured Johannah's birth, there were three more television specials about the family's life before they became the subject of their own reality show, 17 Kids and Counting, when Johannah was two years old.

In 2006, as featured on one of the TV specials, Johannah and her family moved into a new home in Springdale, AR. The family had hoped to be in this house by the time Johannah was born, but was unable to meet this deadline. When the family first lived in the house, Johannah slept in the room with her parents. With the birth of her sister Jennifer, Johannah was moved into a dormitory-style room with her older sisters.[4] Johannah still lives there today.

Wedding Involvement

Johannah has been involved in the following weddings:

  • flower girl: her brother Josh Duggar's wedding to Anna Keller (9/26/08)[5]
  • flower girl: her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's vow renewal ceremony (2009)
  • bridesmaid: her sister Jill Duggar's wedding to Derick Dillard (6/21/14)[6]
  • bridesmaid: her sister Jessa Duggar's wedding to Ben Seewald (11/1/14)[7]
  • flower girl: her cousin Amy Duggar's wedding to Dillon King (11/5/15)[8]
  • bridesmaid: her sister Jinger Duggar's wedding to Jeremy Vuolo (11/5/16)[9]
  • bridesmaid: her sister Joy Duggar's wedding to Austin Forsyth (5/26/17)[10]
  • bridesmaid: her brother Joseph Duggar's wedding to Kendra Caldwell (9/8/17)[11]
  • bridesmaid: her brother Justin Duggar's wedding to Claire Spivey (2/26/21)
  • bridesmaid: her brother Jedidiah Duggar's wedding to Katelyn Nakatsu (4/3/21)