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Jessica Lynn (Thomas) Ballinger is the daughter of Carol Penderaft. She is the wife of Bob Ballinger. She is the stepmother of Bobby Ballinger, Jr and the mother of Lydia, Asa, Shiloh, Titus, Millie, Phoebe, and Polly Ballinger. She is the grandmother of Harper, Marlie, and Bear Ballinger.



Jessica sells Optavia, a multi-level marketing product focused on weight loss. She first used the product for herself, losing 47 pounds in 14 weeks.[1] It is unknown how long she has been selling this product, but her use of it became well-known after videos from Joy Forsyth, whose husband Austin's sister Meagan is married to Jessica's stepson Bobby, mentioned that Jessica was her coach.[2] Joy's posts about Optavia have garnered a lot of attention and some backlash, and it's likely that Jessica is helping her respond to all of the messages.[3]

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