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Jacob "Jake" Wilson was the third of Clark and Denise Wilson's nine children.


ALERT Training

Jake attended ATI's ALERT Academy in 2015. He graduated in May of 2015.[1]


Jake received his EMT training in Austin, TX.[2]

Courtship Rumor

The group photo that started the speculation

In September of 2017, many websites dedicated to following the Duggar family shared a group photo of Jake with Josh Duggar, Jana Duggar, James Duggar, Lawson Bates, Laura DeMasie, and Josh Wilson at an escape room.[3] Internet speculation quickly began that Jake and Jana Duggar were courting.[4]

On September 27, 2017, Jake commented on these rumors on his Facebbok page by sharing a screenshot of several of the headlines about Jana courting with the caption:

"So yeah I just wanna say that this is total bunk. WE ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP. Lol we've been friends for 21 years and all of a sudden! Bam! we just happen to be in the same picture so of course the media has to make up a story about it to sell. So I'm here to clear the water... it ain't true! :) ~ ~ ~moral of the story? Don't believe what you see online. #janaduggarcourting"[5]


On October 5, 2020 Jake and his girlfriend Lundyn Smith announced that they were expecting their first child, a boy, named John William Turner, who was due December 27, 2020[6]

John was born on December 31, 2020[7]

At some point in 2021, Jake and his girlfriend's relationship ended.


At some point in 2021, Jake moved to Hawaii.

On Monday, September 6, 2021, Jake was involved in a motorcycle accident in Hawaii and passed away at the scene of the accident. [8]

His family have announced that he will be laid to rest near his father Clark on their family farm.[9]

Wedding Involvement

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