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Welcome to the Fundie Wiki, your source for information regarding fundamentalist families! Most of our families are or were active members in IBLP (Institute for Basic Life Principles) and homeschool using the ATI (Advanced Training Institute) curriculum.

Picture of the Bates family in winter, so the trees are bare

The Bates family in December 2020

We follow over 60 families, some of whom are well known, such as the Duggar family and Bates family, as well as some lesser known families, such as the Collins family, Bontrager family, and Bowers family.

In addition to our families, we also have over 175 pages for individual people. Those with individual pages tend to be people who were either born into or married into a major family.

The Duggar children lined up in age order, including Tyler

The Duggar children in birth order at Jedidiah's wedding in April 2021

Fundie Wiki also has many resource pages, such as Wedding Guides to Duggar and Bates weddings. We also have Calendars for many of our families, as well as a Reference page and a Church page. There is even a Location page to keep track of which states and countries fundies call home.  

While we strive to keep everything accurate, some families and individuals are either not on social media or do not have public accounts. Still, with so many pages, some things are missed. You are welcome to add any additional information in the comments of the proper page with sourcing and we will update accordingly. Unfortunately, due to excessive vandalism, we are unable to make our pages so anyone can edit them.  

Please note: some families have requested we take down their information. If there is publicly available information that is not posted, this may be why. If you are unsure, please reach out to an admin. If you are listed on this page and would like to be removed, please reach out to an admin and we will remove your information.

Scandals pages (and support resources)

We have several pages related to scandals among fundies. We would like to note that the Josh Duggar Molestation Scandal as well as the Josh Duggar Federal Arrest Scandal and subsequent Josh Duggar Federal Trial all involve sensitive material that may be triggering to some people. Please be aware that both these pages contain information about CSA. If you - or anyone you know - is now or has even been a victim of domestic or sexual violence, please see our Support and Resource page for help.


  1. No pictures of individual children who are minors and not regularly featured on television. They may be shown in group photos.
  2. All information must be publicly sourced. Any information that is posted without a public source will be removed. This applies to speculation as well.
  3. Do not recreate pages that were deleted. They were deleted for a reason. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact an admin.
  4. Do not post comments asking for more information. These comments will be deleted and if they get excessive, you will be warned and possibly banned from commenting. We do not like doing this and fortunately have only had it happen once.
  5. Do not include information about foster children. This includes names, photos, birth dates. Mentioning that a family has X amount of foster children is fine, but any identifiable information is not.
  6. Do not create nonsense pages. They will be deleted and you will be banned

Members will be given two warnings. With the third warning, you risk being suspended or banned.

A note about sources

Sources must be public and must be either first hand or second hand from a family member. A "source" taking information from private sources is not a valid source for information. This includes, but is not limited to, random social media people who pretend to have insider information, tabloids that cannot even get the names and ages correct, online forums and messaging boards. If those sources give a proper source, such as a working link, then that source can be used.