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Fern Elliana Seewald is the youngest child of Jessa (Duggar) and Ben Seewald's four children.

Early Life


On February 18, 2021, Jessa and Ben Seewald announced that they were expecting their fourth child, due to arrive in summer 2021, following a miscarriage the previous year.[1] On July 19, 2021, Jessa released a youtube video titled ‘Birth story - Baby Seewald #4 part one’. In the video Jessa revealed the due date to be July 17, 2021.[2] On July 20, 2021, Jessa released a second video on youtube, announcing the baby's name and gender.[3]


On July 18, 2021, Fern Elliana Seewald was born. She weighed 8lbs 5oz and was 21in long.[3] Unlike her three older siblings, Fern was born in a hospital.