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The Derrcio Family have at least sixteen children from parents Karen Evonne Carter-Derrico and Derrick Deon Derrico. They live in Las Vegas, Nevada where Deon invests in real estate.


Derrick Deon Derrico - born September 16, 1970[1]

Karen Evonne Carter - born February 26, 1980[2][3]

Anniversary: controversial

Name Date of Birth Notes
1 Derron Derrico August 1991[4] Adopted by Deon in 2005
2 Darian Derrico December 9, 2005[5]
3 Derrick Derrico July 18, 2010[6]
4 Denver Derrico October 9, 2011[7] Twin to Dallas
5 Dallas Derrico October 9, 2011[7] Twin to Denver
6 Deniko Derrico September 6, 2013[8] Quint to Dariz, Deonee, Daician, Daiten; born at 32 wks[9]
7 Dariz Derrico September 6, 2013[8] Quint to Deniko, Deonee, Daician, Daiten; born at 32 wks[9]
8 Deonee Derrico September 6, 2013[8] Quint to Deniko, Dariz, Daician, Daiten; born at 32 wks[9]
9 Daician Derrico September 6, 2013[8] Quint to Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daiten; born at 32 wks[9]
10 Dayton Derrico September 6, 2013 Quint to Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician; born at 32 wks[9]
11 Diez Derrico May 23, 2017[10] Triplin to Dior, Carter; born at 28 wks
12 Dior Derrico May 23, 2017[10] Triplin to Diez, Carter; born at 28 wks
13 Carter Derrico May 23, 2017[10] Triplin to Diez, Dior; born at 28 wks; died shortly after birth
14 Dawsyn Derrico July 6, 2019[11] Triplet to De'Aren, Dyver; born at 28 wks
15 De'Aren Derrico July 6, 2019[11] Triplet to Dawsyn, Dyver; born at 28 wks
16 Dyver Derrico July 6, 2019[11] Triplet to Dawsyn, De'Aren; born at 28 wks
Baby Derrico Late 2020[12] Miscarriage
Baby Derrico November 2021[13] Miscarriage

Family Information

Basic Information

The Derricos have fifteen biological children resulting from only six (naturally occurring) pregnancies. Karen, a breastfeeding advocate, had provided milk for all her children, breastfeeding all but Dawsyn, who had a feeding tube due to multiple life saving surgeries within the first weeks and months of her life.

Deon said he knew Karen was the one when he asked her how many children she wanted and she responded with “however many god will give me”.

Four and half years after having their daughter, they welcomed a son, who was quickly followed by twin sons. They soon had quintuplets, two boys and three girls, before “slowing down, but not stopping”. The next pregnancy was triplets, but the youngest died shortly after birth. To honour him, they call the surviving two boys triplins. Two years later they welcomed another set of triplets, two girls and a boy.


GG with Darian, Deonee, Daician, Daiten

Due to their size and the ages of their children, the Derricos notably need help. This help comes in the form of Deon’s friends (to whom he refers as his son or nephew) Eric Jefferson, as well as Deon’s mom, GG, who lives in Detroit but makes frequent trips to Las Vegas. They have also hired nannies for additional help.

Additional Children

Deon has claimed to have an older son Juan.[14] He has never been mentioned again or since. No other information is known.

Deon also has an adopted son Derron, born in August 1991. Deon met Derron (then Jasper) in 2002 when he was a bus driver in Detroit. Jasper was a foster kid with no family, living in a children’s home. He asked Deon to adopt him and Deon promised to “look into it”. The following year, in 2003, Jasper moved in with Deon. He was formally adopted in 2005 and took the name Derron Derrico.[15][16]

As of 2014, Derron was married and expecting a child.[17] It is believed he is currently estranged from the family. He is not featured nor mentioned on the show.

Legal Troubles

Deon and Karen have been accused of fraud on multiple occasions.

Welfare Fraud

Karen was found guilty July 26, 2018 of fraudulently receiving food stamps (SNAP) and health care in between June 2011 and August 2013. The document states that Karen Carter didn’t marry Deon until May 2005 and that between 2011 and 2013 they were separated, although not legally, and not living together. An investigation was started shortly after the birth of the quintuplets. It was discovered that Deon was running a daycare centre that earned a six figure income from child care subsidies. He claimed Karen was an “unpaid intern” at this daycare and thus was entitled to the benefits. The state disagreed, as did the judge, and Karen was ordered to repay $11029 in SNAP benefits and $1826.55 in health care benefits.[18] They appealled the decision and subsequently lost.

Real Estate Fraud

In 2014, Deon was facing 13 felony and misdemeanor charges relating to a real estate scam.[19] Interestingly, the articles refer to Karen by her middle name, Evonne. The accusations include a scam in which the Deon would pay the homeowners a few thousand dollars for the deed to their home, all while keeping the mortgage in their name. This would allow him to fix up the property and rent it out to tenants. When the house would inevitably go into foreclosure, Deon would be able to work with the bank to purchase the house for a significantly reduced price. He saw this as an investment and claimed all of it was perfectly legal.

In order to perpetrate this scam, he used several aliases, including Marlo Abbot and Damon Mitchell.[20] All the deeds for the homes were “purchased” under the alias Marlo Abbot and notarized by the same person, Olujuwon Bryant, who was also charged with several misdemeanors.

At least two homeowners claimed their signatures were forged. They also accused Deon of breaking into their homes and changing the locks when they were not home. Deon denied all accusations.

Deon's instagram post of his acquittal

His business partner Olujuwon Bryant pleaded guilty to attempting to commit false representation on a title, while Deon chose to go to trial. He was eventually acquitted of all charges.[21][22]

Identity Fraud

Derron, Deon’s adopted son, has also accused Deon of forging his signature on documents to get student loans and several credit cards, all of which were maxed out. Deon denied the claims, calling Derron a liar and saying he wants Derron out of his and his children’s lives. He then said he felt like he had helped raise the devil. Derron hasn’t backed down and said he has proof of everything.[19]

Marriage Controversy

Karen and Deon around 2004

Deon and Karen claim they were married in 2005, and made such claims in Karen’s 2013 welfare fraud case. However, Karen went by Karen Carter at that time.[18] Derron also disputes this claim, saying if they were married in 2005, he wasn’t invited.[19]

Derron’s adoption was also the subject of a newspaper spread in 2008. That article mentions the growing family, saying it now includes Deon’s daughter “and her mother”. Karen is also referred to as Deon’s girlfriend.[15][16]

As of now, a record for the marriage has not been found to exist.


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