The Collins family has eight children from parents Mandrae and Karissa Collins.


  • Mandrae Cardell Collins - born on November 13, 1983[1]
  • Karissa Beth Goering[2] - born on January 11, 1984

Anniversary : May 24, 2007[3]


Name Date of Birth
1 Anissa Beth Collins December 12, 2009[4]
2 Andrae Cardell Collins July 26, 2011[5]
3 Annistan Breanne Collins November 2, 2012[6]
4 Anjalie "Lele" Brielle Collins December 14, 2013[7]
5 Andersyn "Ande" Brooklyn Collins[8] July 17, 2015[9]
6 Aynjel Belle Collins December 10, 2016[10]
7 Ansyr Blue Collins February 6, 2018[11]
8 Anchor Christian Collins August 31st, 2019[12]
9 Anthym Bliss Collins[13] Due December 31, 2020 [14]

Beliefs and Practices


Karissa proclaims her family as faithful followers of Quiverfull ideology on her Instagram account profile.


The Collins family is against vaccinations. This is a departure from the family's previous stance, and some of the older children are likely vaccinated.[15][16]


The Collins frequently speak out against abortion.[15][17][18]


The Collins are publicly against homosexuality.[19][15]


Karissa homeschools her children.[15]

Birth Control

Although Karissa used to use birth control, she is now vocal about the fact that she no longer uses it.[16]


Karissa is vocal about the fact that she chooses to breastfeed her children, although she has implied that is a departure from choices she used to make.[16]


In the past, Karissa used to listen to secular music like hip hop and rap. Currently Karissa only listens Christian music and believes that music is worship.[20]


Karissa is against feminism.[21]


Karissa support usage of spanking for discipline her children.[21]

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