The Caldwell family has eight children and two grandchildren from parents Paul and Christina Caldwell.


Anniversary: January, 1998[3]

Paul is currently the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church.[4] Christina is a stay-at-home wife and mother.

Name Date of Birth Notes
1 Kendra Renee Duggar August 11, 1998[5] married to Joe Duggar with two children
2 Lauren Hope Caldwell May 22, 2000[5] engaged to Titus Hall [6]
3 Micah Joel Caldwell March 25, 2004[5]
4 Nathan Caldwell 2006 or 2007[7]
5 Timothy "Timmy" Caldwell May 6, 2009[8]
6 Olivia "Gracie" Caldwell 2010 or 2011[7]
7 Jesiah Mathew Caldwell January 27, 2015[9]
8 Isaiah Gabriel Caldwell[10] November 19, 2018[11]
9 Baby Caldwell due May 2021 [12]

Kendra's Family

Kendra's family in August of 2020

Joseph "Joe" Garrett Duggar - born on January 20, 1995[13]

Anniversary: September 8, 2017[14] (wedding featured on Counting On episodes "Joseph's Wedding" and "Joe and Kendra Say I Do")

Joseph currently works at one of his family's used car lots.[15] Kendra is currently a stay-at-home wife and mother

Name Date of Birth Notes
1 Garrett David Duggar June 8, 2018[16] birth featured on Counting On episode "Kendra Has a Baby"
2 Addison Renee Duggar November 2, 2019[17] birth featured on Counting On episode "A Baby Girl for Joe & Kendra"
3 Baby Duggar due February 2021[18]

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