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The Bowers family has 9 children and 4 grandchildren from parents Curtis and Lauren Bowers.


  • Curtis James Bowers - born on October 13, 1965[1]
  • Lauren A. McAlvany - born on July 6, 1971

Anniversary: 1989

Name Date of Birth Notes
1 Carolina "Lina" Katherine Bontrager April 2, 1995[2][3] married to Carson Bontrager with two children
2 Cassidy "Cass" Grace Bontrager July 2, 1997 [4] married to Joshua Bontrager with two children
3 Charles Curtis Bowers March 27, 1999[5]
4 Carver James Bowers October 23, 2001[6]
5 Christian Ruhlman Bowers 2004
6 Crockett Henry Bowers November 15, 2005 [7]
7 Chapman "Frank" York Bowers 2008
8 Campbell "Butter" Barret Bowers 2009[8]
9 Crosby "Gini" Virginia Bowers 2010
Columbus Shackleton Bowers March 2, 2012 [9] miscarriage
Courage Wilberforce Bowers February 1, 2013 [10] miscarriage

Carolina's family in December of 2018

Carolina's Family

Carson Wayne Bontrager - born on November 5, 1995[11]

Anniversary: September 1, 2017[12]

Name Date of Birth
1 Jubilee Katherine Bontrager July 15th, 2018[13]
2 Jemima Virtue Bontrager August 27, 2020[14]
3 Baby Bontrager Summer 2022[15]

Cassidy's family in the summer of 20200

Cassidy's Family

Joshua Maxwell Bontrager - born on March 24, 1997[16] 

Anniversary: September 1, 2017[12]

Name Date of Birth
1 Wallace Bradford Bontrager July 16, 2018[17]
2 Winston Bontrager April 22, 2020[18]
3 Baby Bontrager Summer 2022[19]

Family Ministries

The Bowers family is currently touring full time[20] with their award-winning films: Agenda: Grinding America Down, and Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit.[21]

Family Bio: (as of spring 2016)

The Bowers Family has been operating home-based businesses for over 25 years. From screen-printing, vending machines and fondue restaurants to real estate development, pastured poultry, alfalfa farming, and a Christian bookstore, they have loved the blessings of working together. In 2007 Curtis was appointed by the Governor to the Idaho Legislature, and in 2010, the Bowers produced the film Agenda: Grinding America Down, which won the "Jubilee Award" ($101,000,00)[22] at the SAICFF. They have since traveled to over 45 states and Europe, singing and speaking to promote it. Curtis and his wife of 28 years, Lauren, have been blessed with 9 wonderful children (ages 6-22). They are currently touring full time with their new (2016) film Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit, which recently won “Best Documentary” at the CWVFF[23]. The Bowers family continues to operate the independent film and distribution company Copybook Heading Productions.[24]

Missionary Work

The Bowers arriving in Berlin, Germany

In July 2017, 6 members of the Bowers family went on a twelve-day mission trip to Germany, Hungary, and Romania[25] where they hosted a youth camp for young adults.

While in Romania, much of their free time was spent repairing clay roofs from extreme hail damage that fell just 12 hours before they entered the country.

The oldest Bowers children in Cape Town, South Africa in 2014

In 2014,the three oldest Bower children (Carolina, Cassidy, and Charlie) after hearing about "The Great Commission Course" in Cape Town, South Africa, ventured to the destination to do things like, "smuggling Bibles through a military helicopter base with African guards searching earnestly for you with flashlights and AR-15s, at 2:30 am", to "preaching the gospel to passing lost souls on the village streets."

This is how one of the daughters described the collection of pictures they posted on social media: "A potpourri of posts on preparation and a cornucopia of cliffhanging chronicles as we trek to and traverse through Cape Town, South Africa."[26]

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