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Robert Ellis "Bobby" Smith III is the oldest of Rob and Sheri Smith's three children. He is married to Tori Smith. He is the father of Kade, Kolter, Charlotte and Cambree Smith.

Early Life

Robert Ellis Smith III was born on February 16[1], 1995, to Robert E. "Rob" and Sheri Smith. He was the couple's first child, and they went on to have two more children after him. Not much else is known about his childhood.


Bobby and Tori Bates shortly after beginning their courtship


Bobby asked Tori Bates to begin dating on February 14, 2016, at her family's "I Love You Day" party. [2]

On February 9, 2017, an episode of the UpTV show Bringing Up Bates, which focuses on Tori's family, featured Bobby asking Tori to enter an official courtship with him.[3] The two met through a mutual friend in 2015 and officially began courting in November of 2016.[4]

Bobby and Tori shortly after getting engaged


On September 21, 2017, Bobby and Tori announced that they were engaged. Bobby proposed at Wiseman's View, a scenic overlook in North Carolina.[4]


Bobby and Tori at their wedding

On December 16, 2017, Bobby married Tori Bates at Calvary Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN.[5] His groomsmen were his future brothers-in-law Zach, Lawson, Nathan, and Trace Bates, Chad Paine, and Evan Stewart, and his friends Dillon Richards, Johnathan Rasmussen, and Samuel Fuller. His sister Catherine Smith was among the bridesmaids, and his cousins Grace and Cole Renner were a flower girl and ringbearer.[6]

The couple spent two days in Gatlinburg, TN, before flying out to California for their honeymoon.[7]


On May 10, 2018, Bobby and Tori announced they are expecting their first child, who is due in November 2018.[8]

Bobby and Tori with newborn Kade

On June 21, 2018, Bobby and Tori announced that they were having a boy, Robert Ellis Smith IV, who would be called Kade.[9]

At 7:45am on November 9, 2018, Bobby's first child, Robert "Kade" Ellis Smith IV, was born at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville, TN. He weighed 6 lb and 1 oz and was 18 inches long.[10]

On October 18, 2019, Bobby and Tori announced that they are expecting their second child, a son named Kolter Grey Smith, who is due in April of 2020.[11]

Bobby and Tori with newborn Kolter

At 4:17pm on March 25, 2020, Bobby's second child, Kolter Gray Smith, was born. He weighed 6 lb and 6 oz.[12] In the birth announcement, Bobby and Tori stated that they decided to change the spelling of Kolter's middle name.[13]

On January 19, 2021, Bobby and Tori announced they are expecting their third child, a daughter named Charlotte Raine Smith, who is due June 2021.[14]

Bobby and Tori with newborn Charlotte

On June 24, 2021, Charlotte Raine was born. She weighed 5lbz 11oz and was 19in long.[15]

On May 8, 2022 (Mother's Day), Bobby and Tori announced they were expecting their fourth child, a daughter, in August 2022.[16]

Bobby and Tori with newborn Cambree

On August 2, 2022, Cambree Layne was born. She weighed 5lb, 2oz.[17]


Bobby with his girlfriend Tori Bates at his graduation from Pensacola Christian College


Bobby began attending Pensacola Christian College in 2013. While in school, he roomed with Kelton Balka. On May 10, 2017, Bobby graduated with his bachelor's degree in Bible and youth ministry.

Youth Pastor

On May 20, 2018, Bobby began work as the youth pastor at Bible Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN.[18] He left this position in early 2019.[19]

Bobby at work with his brother-in-law Kelton Balka

The Plumbing Authority

In early 2019, Bobby began working for The Plumbing Authority in Knoxville, TN.[20]

Tennessee Standard

In early 2020, Bobby started working for Tennessee Standard which is owned by his brother in law Kelton Balka.

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Wedding Involvement


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