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The Bates family has 19 children and 20 grandchildren from parents Gil and Kelly Bates. They have been the subject of two television shows, United Bates of America, which aired on TLC in 2012, and Bringing Up Bates, which aired on UPTV from 2015 to 2021. Members of the Bates family have also appeared on TLC's 19 Kids and Counting.


Gil and Kelly standing in a wood. Gil is wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and Kelly is wearing a white dress with a flower on

Gil and Kelly Bates in April 2021


Gil is the owner-operator of Bates Tree Services[3], the pastor of Bible Baptist Church of East Tennessee[4], and a board member for the Institute in Basic Life Principles[5]. Kelly Jo is a housewife and homeschool mom[6].

Anniversary: December 19, 1987[7]



Name Date of Birth Notes
1 Zachary Gilvin "Zach" Bates December 30, 1988[8] married to Whitney Perkins with 4 children
2 Michael Christian "Michaela" Keilen January 23, 1990 married to Brandon Keilen
3 Erin Elise Paine May 2, 1991 married to Chad Paine with 5 children
4 William Lawson "Lawson" Bates July 27, 1992[9] married to Tiffany Espensen
5 Kenneth Nathaniel "Nathan" Bates August 29, 1993[10] married to Esther Keyes
6 Alyssa Joy Webster November 9, 1994[11] married to John Webster with 4 children
7 Tori Layne Smith December 20, 1995[12] married to Bobby Smith with 3 children
8 Trace Whitfield Bates February 1, 1997[13] engaged to Lydia Romeike[14]
9 Carlin Brianne Stewart April 11, 1998[15] married to Evan Stewart with 2 children
10 Josie Kellyn Balka August 4, 1999[16] married to Kelton Balka with 2 children
11 Katie Grace Clark October 5, 2000[17] married to Travis Clark[18]
12 Jackson Ezekiel Bates February 17, 2002[19]
13 Warden Justice Bates May 19, 2003[20]
14 Isaiah Courage Bates October 16, 2004[21]
15 Addallee Hope Bates February 17, 2006[22]
16 Ellie Bridget Bates April 28, 2007[23]
Jewels Bates miscarriage[24][25]
Jubilee Bates miscarriage[24][25]
17 Callie-Anna Rose Bates August 2, 2009[26]
18 Judson Wyatt Bates September 15, 2010[27]
Zion Bates March, 2011[28] miscarriage
19 Jeb Colton Bates February 1, 2012[29] birth featured on 19 Kids and Counting episode "The Bates Family: And Baby Makes 19"[30]
Sunny Bates August, 2012[25] miscarriage

To see more information about the Bates children's weddings, please see The Guide.

Zach's Family

Whitney is wearing a blue shirred dress, and is holding her bump. Next to her stands Zach (in a dark suit), holding Khloé (in a white dress with her hair in a blue bow). In front of them stands Bradley (in a black jacket, blue shirt and black bow tie, and beige trousers) linking arms with Kaci (in a white dress with a blue bow in her hair.

Zach and his family in October 2022

Whitney Eileen Perkins - born on September 21, 1993[31]

Zach used to work as a law enforcement officer for the Anderson County Sheriff's Department, but has since retired and works with his dad in the tree business and helps run Bates Sisters Boutique.[32] Whitney has her realestate licsense and used to work for Bailey & Co. Real Estate and an affiliate broker, [33] and is co-owner of Bates Sisters Boutique[34].

Anniversary: December 14, 2013[7]

Name Date of BIrth Notes
1 Bradley Gilvin Bates October 29, 2014[35] birth featured on Bringing Up Bates episode "Welcome Grandbaby Bates"[36]
2 Kaci Lynn Bates June 20, 2016[37] birth featured on Bringing Up Bates episode "Meet Kaci Lynn Bates!"[38], born breech
Baby Bates June, 2018[39] miscarriage
3 Khloé Eileen Bates November 7, 2019[40]
4 Jadon Carl Bates June 7, 2021[41]
Brandon is wearing a blue checked shirt and light brown trousers. Holding his arm is Michael, shorter than Brandon, and wearing a white dress with an orange and blue pattern.

Michael and Brandon in April 2021

Michael's Family

Brandon Timothy Keilen - born on September 15, 1989[42]

Brandon is currently a videographer for the Institute in Basic Life Principles.[43] Michael has a degree in nursing.[44] The two also run an online store called Keilen Corner, which sells the books Brandon wrote and homemade baby items from Michael.[45]

Anniversary: August 15, 2015[7] (wedding featured on Bringing Up Bates episode "Wedding Bliss & a First Kiss"[46])

Erin's Family

Chad and Erin standing on a sunny day. Chad is wearing a grey suit with white shirt and has his arm around Erin who is wearing a flowery white dress. Chad is holding Holland, who is wearing a purple dress. Standing directly in front of Chad and Erin is Carson, who is wearing a grey waistcoat and trousers. Carson has one arm around Brooklyn, who is hugging him, and Everly is hugging Brooklyn. Both Brooklyn and Everly are wearing pink dresses and white leggings

Erin and her family in January 2022

Charles Steven "Chad" Paine III - born on April 18, 1987[47]

Chad is currently the owner-operator of Paine Construction.[48] Erin currently assists Chad by decorating projects for his company[49] and she also was a co-owner of Bates Sisters Boutique, but has since left to start her business ChadandErinco[50].

Anniversary: November 2, 2013[7] (wedding featured on 19 Kids and Counting episode "Wedding Bells"[51])

Name Date of Birth Notes
Baby Paine 2014[52] miscarriage
Baby Paine 2014[52] miscarriage
Baby Paine 2014[52] miscarriage
1 Charles Stephen "Carson" Paine IV May 14, 2015[53] birth featured on Bringing Up Bates episode "Erin's Little Miracle"[54]
2 Brooklyn Elise Paine August 6, 2016[55] birth featured on Bringing Up Bates episode "And Baby Makes Five?"[56]
3 Everly Hope Paine March 30, 2018[57] birth featured on Bringing Up Bates episode "Labor Paines"[58]
4 Holland Grace Paine November 26, 2019[59]
5 Finley Marie Paine January 18, 2022[60]

Lawson and Tiffany at their wedding rehearsal

Lawson's Family

Tiffany Lian Espensen - born on February 10, 1999

Lawson is a country singer, works with MEDIC Corps, and does many other unknown jobs. Tiffany is an actress.

Anniversary: May 12, 2022[61]

Nathan's Family

Nathan and Esther in January 2022

Esther Joy Keyes - born on October 14, 1997

Nathan co-founded MEDIC Corps with John-David Duggar and is the current Director of Operations. He is also a commercial fixed wing and helicopter pilot, a certified flight instructor, SCUBA Diver and a rescue specialist and has served in emergency services as a first responder, firefighter and a law enforcement officer.[62] Esther is a stay-at-home wife.

Anniversary: October 22, 2021[63]

Name Date of Birth Notes
1 Baby Bates due October 2022[64]

Alyssa's Family

John, Alyssa and their four daughters outside on the 4th July. John and Alyssa are both crouched down, John is wearing a blue suit with white shirt and red tie, and Alyssa is wearing a red dress and nude heels. John's right arm (at the left of the photo) is around Lexi, who is leaning against his side. Allie is sitting on his other knee. Zoey is standing on the other side of Alyssa, and Maci is held on Alyssa's lap. the three older girls are wearing a white dress with a unicorn on the chest, and red white and blue tulle skirt. they also have a red bow in their hair and Allie is holding a pink clutch. Maci is wearing a frilly white patterned romper and has a blue bow on her head.

Alyssa and her family in March 2022

John Elliott Webster - born on November 21, 1989[31]

John currently works as a technician for Webster Air Conditioning[65] and is the owner-operator of Johnny On the Spot Cleaning[66]. Alyssa used to assist with cleaning jobs early in their marriage[65].

Anniversary: May 24, 2014[7] (wedding featured on Primetime Nightline episode "My Extra-Ordinary Family"[67])

Name Date of Birth
1 Allie Jane Webster April 11, 2015[68]
2 Lexi Mae Webster January 26, 2017[69]
3 Zoey Joy Webster March 28, 2018[70]
4 Maci Jo Webster[71] February 9, 2021[72]

Tori's Family

Charlotte's newborn photo - Bobby and Tori are sitting on a white sofa, Bobby is wearing a white shirt and holding Kolter, also wearing a white shirt. Tori is wearing a green shirt and holding Kade, who is a wearing a blue shirt. In the centre of the photo is Charlotte, who is wrapped in a pink muslin with a pink bow on her head. Kade has one hand resting on Charlotte.

Tori's family in Summer 2021

Robert "Bobby" Ellis Smith III - born on February 16[73], 1995

Bobby currently works with brother-in-law, Kelton, as a plumber and administrative director for Tennessee Standard.[74] Tori is a stay-at-home wife and mother.

Anniversary: December 16, 2017[75] (wedding featured on Bringing Up Bates episode "Tori's Winter Wonderland Wedding"[76])

Name Date of Birth Notes
1 Robert "Kade" Ellis Smith IV November 9, 2018[77] birth featured on Bringing Up Bates episode "It's a Boy & Maybe One More"[78]
2 Kolter Gray Smith March 25, 2020[79]
3 Charlotte Raine Smith June 24, 2021[80]
4 Baby Girl Smith due August 2022[81]

Carlin's Family

Carlin and Evan sitting on their bed, with Evan holding Layla on his lap and Carlin holding Zade in her arms. Layla has two little bunches on the top of her head, all of the family are wearing neutral coloured clothing, and all but Zade (who is asleep and has chubby cheeks) are smiling at the camera.

Carlin's family in April 2022

Evan Patrick Stewart - born on August 24, 1995

Evan currently works as an electrician with BESCO. Carlin is co-owner of Bates Sisters Boutique[82].

Anniversary: May 25, 2019[83]

Name Date of Birth
1 Layla Rae Stewart January 31, 2020[84]
2 Zade Patrick Stewart[85][86] March 27, 2022[87]

Josie's Family

Josie and Kelton are standing, barefoot, on a beach. Josie is wearing a pale dress and is holding Hazel, who is wearing a grey outfit and is covered by a white muslin. Slightly behind Josie is Kelton, who is wearing a brown t shirt and cream shorts, and he is holding Willow, who is in a blue sundress.

Josie's family in October 2021

Kelton Edward Balka - born on July 4, 1995

Anniversary: October 5, 2018[88] (wedding featured on Bringing Up Bates episode "A Bride, A Groom and a Love That's True"[89])

Kelton currently owns Tennessee Standard, a plumbing company in Knoxville, where he works with Bobby.[74] Josie worked as a stylist at R&Co Salon prior to marriage[90], but in January 2020 she launched an events hair and makeup company (Effortless Beauty Company) with her friend Grace Rochat[91].

Name Date of Birth Notes
1 Willow Kristy Balka July 19, 2019[92]
Baby Balka August 25, 2020[93] miscarriage
2 Hazel Sloane Balka June 14, 2021[94]

Katie's Family

Katie and Travis at their wedding rehearsal

Travis James Clark - born on March 8, 2001

Travis works at his family's church and graduated with a degree in church music in May 2022.[95] He currently works for a sales company and does music work on the side. Katie has a cosmetology license, but has not yet transferred it to New Jersey.

Anniversary: December 3, 2021

Beliefs and Practices

Despite denouncing him in 2015, Erin Bates honored Bill Gothard with a birthday cake at her wedding reception in 2013

Institute in Basic Life Principles

The Bates family follows the teachings of Bill Gothard's Institute in Basic Life Principles and their homeschooling program, Advanced Training Institute. It is unknown when they began following IBLP. In 2008, Gil said that they met the Duggars "a long time ago" at a conference and got to know them further at other conferences; it is assumed that these conferences were IBLP.[96] The group lists the following goals on their website:

The Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) was established for the purpose of introducing people to the Lord Jesus Christ, and is dedicated to giving individuals, families, churches, schools, communities, governments, and businesses clear instruction and training on how to find success by following God’s principles found in Scripture.

These goals are accomplished primarily through seminars, educational programs, printed literature, and the operation of centers to facilitate training.

You are invited to explore and avail yourself of the resources we offer.[97]

Michaela, Erin, and Alyssa with a Journey to the Heart group in 2009

Gil Bates joined the IBLP board of directors in 2013.[98][99] In 2015, Erin Paine said in a comment on one of her Instagram photos that she and her husband "are not affiliated with the ministry or Mr. Gothard in anyway at all, nor do we support." Lawson commented on the photo as well, saying "I do not support him [Gothard] or his ministry."[100] It is unclear if Lawson was referring to IBLP or Gothard's new ministry.

In addition to the ATI conference in Big Sandy, many of the older Bates children have been seen attending other IBLP functions like Journey to the Heart.


Although both Gil and Kelly attended public schools growing up, they made the decision to homeschool their children so they could create their own curriculum that focused on character and faith. Although Kelly does handle the majority of the homeschooling (with the assistance of the older children), Gil does participate in the character traits training.[101] "It's a task to homeschool this many at one time, but my wife is very organized," Gil once said of Kelly's teaching.[6]

Several Bates children working on homeschooling

When asked about homeschool curriculum, Kelly has listed many different options she's used "based on [each individual's] learning styles". Choices mentioned include A Beka, Bob Jones, Paces, Switched on Schoolhouse, The Teaching Textbook, Wordsmith, Apologia Science, Precepts of Anatomy and Physiology, Principles Precepts and Theories of Biology, Grammar Key, Easy Grammar, and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. She has said that her usual go-to is A Beka.[102]

Although the children are homeschooled through high school, many of them have gone on to pursue degrees at Crown College of the Bible. Currently Tori, Trace, Carlin, and Josie all attend Crown College.[103]

Buddy System

Each of the older Bates children is assigned a younger partner who they help with everyday tasks.[104]

Lawson at age 19 buying groceries for the family with his own money

Debt Free Living

After attending a financial freedom seminar (likely the Jim Sammons seminar the Duggars often praise), the Bates family began to make a point to try to live debt free. Despite this, they have often borrowed money from their son Lawson, who makes a significant amount from his lawn mowing business. "We call him the bank financier," Kelly said of Lawson, "because he is always lending to siblings, or lending to us, or he's the one that always has money in the account when the rest of us don't."[105]

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