The Anderson family has ten children from parents Steven and Zsuzsanna Anderson. Steven is the pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. The family began to be known to the public after the patriarch of family gave a sermon[1] in which he prayed for the death of Barack Obama in 2009[2][3].


Anniversary: August 13, 2000[6]


Name Birthday Notes
1 Solomon Anderson September 28, 2001[7]
2 Isaac Anderson February 18, 2003[8]
3 John Anderson December 11, 2004[9]
4 Miriam Anderson February 14, 2007[10]
5 Rebecca Helen "Becky" Anderson October 20, 2008[11]
6 Anna Marie Anderson December 8, 2010[12]
7 Stephen Gilliatt Anderson July 24, 2012[13][14]
8 Boaz Barnabas Anderson May 6, 2014[15] twin of Jachin
Jachin Thomas Anderson May 6, 2014[15] miscarried twin of Boaz
9 Chloe Pearl Anderson May 18, 2016[16]
10 Peter Laszlo Anderson January 15, 2018[17]
11 Eva Rose Anderson September 22, 2019[18]

Beliefs and Practices


Zsuzsanna homeschools her children.[19] She often shares petitions related to homeschool rights.[20][21] She recommends a variety of curricula, including Landmark Baptist Freedom Curriculum, A Beka, and Bob Jones University, and she teaches the children German and practical skills from her own knowledge of the language.[22]

The children often go on educational field trips to locations like arboretums[23] and zoos.

In 2008, they converted a room in their house to a school room.[24]

Solomon has taken piano lessons growing up.[25] It is likely the other children have too.

The Andersons believe that all schools are dangerous and bad for children.[26] They also believe daycares are sinful and abusive.[27] It is their belief that daycares and even church nurseries are responsible for a number of infant health issues, including sudden infant death syndrome.[28]


The Andersons believe in creationism. They believe evolution and the "big bang" are the same thing.[29]


The Anderson children are expected to clean up after themselves and have strict rules regarding keeping things in their places. Toys are not allowed to cross between inside and outside, and are not allowed in the kitchen, living room, or dining room. Children are taught to put away any toy they are old enough to play with. On the other hand, Zsuzsanna does not expect Steven to pick up any chores he didn't already do upon marriage.[30]


Natural Healthcare

The Andersons don't take their children to doctors for checkups[31], and are against vaccinations[32]. Zsuzsanna does research on natural healthcare methods and advocates for being an informed parent when it comes to children's health.[31] She also advocates this level of research and attention to health for adults.[33]

They distrust doctors, and only seek them out if there are major injuries or illnesses and all other methods have failed.[34]


After having her first child in a hospital, Zsuzsanna made the decision to have the rest of her children at home with the assistance of a midwife. She believes that this is more enjoyable and safer medically.[35] She believes that male ob/gyns are perverts.[34] Zsuzsanna has used a birth tub for at least one of her births.[36]

Breast feeding

Zsuzsanna exclusively breast feeds her babies.[37] Usage of rubber nipple replica for breastfeeding is strongly opposed by Zsuzsanna, as replica is seen as nakedness.[38]

Birth Control/IVF

The Andersons are against in vitro fertilization for a number of reasons, including a belief that they cause murder and knowledge that allow homosexuals to have children.[39] They consider both in vitro fertilization and hormonal birth control as "non-surgical abortions".[40][41]They also feel that IVF is "playing God", and that if you can't get pregnant it's because God doesn't want you to have a child.[42] They believe that ultimately you should trust the Lord with the size of your family, even if there are medical concerns that might suggest otherwise.[43]

The Andersons are opposed to selective reduction.[44]

Zsuzsanna is an advocate of natural child spacing through breastfeeding.[45] They do not believe in any other kind of family planning, as they feel that God should decide, and "normal" families do not limit the number of children.[46]

Zsuzsanna believes that taking birth control pills leads to higher divorce rates.[47]

On the other hand, Zsuzsanna had planned to have a big family even before she converted.[48]

Natural Foods

Zsuzsanna makes a point of being selective when it comes to the foods she feeds her children. She does not allow her children to eat anything that contains preservatives, hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial colors/flavors. She includes organic options as much as she can, and teaches her children the value of eating fruits and vegetables at a young age. She also does not allow junk foods or unhealthy beverages in her house.[49] Only growth hormone-free meat and dairy product allowed to eat by her children.[50]

Zsuzsanna has explained her decision to feed her family with organic food not driven by religious conviction, nor a case of being food snobs, but to prevent family member fell sick caused by eating junk food. She believed that eating junk food resulted into more money spent in doctor office.[51]


The Andersons frequently speak out against abortions and Planned Parenthood.[40]


The Andersons are opposed to Child Protective Services, as they feel parents should have the ultimate authority over their children.[52] They also speak out against perceived overreaches from similar services in Germany, where Zsuzsanna is from.[53]

Drugs and Alcohol

The Andersons are against drugs and alcohol of any kind. They have spoken out specifically about the medical problems and sins related to smoking cigarettes.[54]


The Andersons are opposed to television, as they believe it causes health issues like ADHD and encourages laziness.[55]

Other Religions/Denominations

The Andersons are not very supportive of people who follow other belief systems. They have spoken out specifically against the sins of Mormonism/polygamy[56], Mennonites[22].


The Andersons are adamantly against homosexuality and equal rights. They consistently refer to homosexuals as "sodomites"[57] and advocate for their loss of rights.

They rely heavily on stereotypes to identify homosexuals, and take no issue using slurs like "fag".[58]

They believe that all homosexuals are predatory and pedophiles.[59]

Sexual Assault

During at the height of Josh Duggar molestation scandal, Zsuzsanna criticizing Duggar family decision for protecting Josh Duggar. She believe Josh Duggar must not be forgive, because based on her belief, she believe that all pedophiles are reprobates, that they are unregenerate and in fact can never change, and that they, like all sexual deviants, should be executed as the Bible demands, lest they spread their abusive ways and corrupt more innocent lives. [50]


All woman and girls are encourage to wear modest clothes, usually cover part of the body from waist to knee. Zsuzsanna view a woman who struts around in high heels, with a fancy hairdo, covered in jewelry and make-up is immodest, because a woman is seeking to draw vain attention to her physical features. Similar view also applicable if women go topless, have plunging necklines over push-up bras, have implants, show cleavage, etc. Nakedness is believed as a very shameful sin.[38]

Zsuzsanna began wore skirt only since 2002, when she started to believe God is against unisex clothing and wants us to dress gender specific.[48]

On the other side, Zsuzsanna seen a woman breastfeeding isn't immodest.[38]

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